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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should I call if I can't make it to court or want to reschedule?

If you have questions or need information regarding a specific court case (court dates, filing information, court orders, etc) please click on "contact" at the top of the page for individual county information or use the phone numbers listed below for County Circuit Clerk offices.

Carroll County:              815-244-0230 

Jo Daviess County:        815-777-0037

Lee County:                 815-284-5234                   

Ogle County:                815-732-1130

Stephenson County:     815-235-8266

What if I have a question about filing court papers?

You will need to contact the Circuit Clerk of the county where the case is being held.

Can the court pesronnel or the Circuit Clerk staff give legal advice?

In the performance of their official duties, court
personnel and staff of the Clerk may not give legal advice to an self-represented litigant (SRL).

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